The Importance of Sports for Teens and Young People


Sports are competitive events that involve physical exercise and often a competition between two or more teams. The competition may be governed by a set of rules and the winner is declared by judges or by the end of the event. The term sport is also used to describe other forms of physical activity that have been adapted for competition, including dance and gymnastics.

Participating in sports teaches teens about taking accountability for their actions, responsibilities to their teammates, and the importance of maintaining high academic standards. It also helps them learn how to take care of their body so that they can perform at their peak. In addition, playing sports often brings teens together from different schools and communities and can help them develop lasting friendships that extend beyond the field or court.

Kids can learn about leadership by observing their coaches and other adults in their lives. They can see how a coach sets an example by caring for his or her players and encouraging them to work hard. They can also learn about the importance of being a team player and how to lead through positive reinforcement. A student athlete can also develop a deeper appreciation for their parents through the time they spend supporting them at sporting events.

Kids can start to associate sports with fun as early as preschool, when they can learn about riding a bike and participating in playground games. It’s important to expose kids to a variety of athletic activities so that they can find the ones they enjoy most.