The Basics of Football


Football is a game that is played by teams of eleven to fifteen players. The objective of the game is to move the ball from the scrimmage line to the opponent’s end zone. It is played by the same basic rules and structure as soccer.

Depending on the team, the offensive team may need to pass or run the ball. A passing play is slightly less common than a running play. In a passing play, the quarterback throws the ball to a receiver. He must estimate the distance of the receiver to the ball.

To move the ball to the end zone, an offensive team can use four downs. Each down is a chance for the team to gain 10 yards. If the team fails to move at least 10 yards within 4 downs, the control of the ball is handed over to the other team.

The defensive team may try to take the ball back towards the end zone by kicking it downfield. The defense may also intercept the ball and run it down field.

During a passing play, the receiving player might attempt to pass the ball to another receiver. However, if the receiver is tackled, the play is over. An interception is also a catch.

A touchdown is a score when the team catches the ball in the end zone. Typically, a touchdown is worth six points. Another way to score is by kicking a field goal.