Positions in Football


Football has many different positions and is played by both teams and individuals. The players on an offense team are known as the offensive line while the players on a defense team are known as the defensive line. These players are responsible for blocking and protecting the quarterback. Special teams, which are often called the “special teams,” take on a variety of roles that can include punting, kicking and blocking during a play. To learn more about these positions, read on.

A touchdown is scored when an offensive player crosses the goal line, while a safety occurs when the defensive team kicks the ball between the goalpost and crossbar during fourth down. Another scoring option is a safety, which is achieved when the opponent travels backwards into their own end zone, is tackled in the endzone, or steps out of bounds. All of these types of plays can result in a touchdown or safety. However, it is important to remember that each of these actions is rewarded with a point in the game.

The primary draw of football is the strategy between the coaching staffs. Each team has a playbook containing dozens or even hundreds of plays. All of these plays must be strategically sound, as some of them can result in long gains, loss of yardage, or a turnover. You must be able to identify the play that best suits your team’s needs. The most effective plays are those that produce the most points. But remember that if you don’t know which plays to run, you can find them in any football book.